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Data Driven Parking Management

Increase your operational efficiency by at least 30%
Operations Dashboard

Put your operations on steroids with Enforzio Dashboard.

Virtual Management Assistant

Get business intelligence using your voice. Let your data speak to you.

Customer Service

Enhance your customer service by using a automated bot. Augment your personnel.

Enforcement Application

The smartest Enforcement Application on the market. Runs on Android, iOS and Web.

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Some of our Integrations

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Enforzio Operations Dashboard

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Real-Time Monitoring

  • Monitor your Enforcement Officers

  • Know exactly where they are and where they are going on a map

  • Monitor how many vehicles are being scanned

Intelligent Fleet Guidance

  • Using machine learning the platform directs your fleet to the next best location

  • Manually guide them around from a central dashboard

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View Historical Activity

  • View vehicles parked vs violations issued for any specific time

  • Run Experiments based on your historical data

Traffic Flow Heatmaps

  • See traffic patterns in your properties

  • Monitor enforcement patterns

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Shaun Lees (Operations Coordinator) - Fusion Security

"With the introduction of the Enforzio app, the team at Parkizio brought to reality an idea that most working in the field of parking enforcement could only dream of. The experience of field testing the app during its introduction, as well as Parkizio’s openness to suggestions on making the app and user interface even better, were truly a pleasure.  Their dedication to providing the best app possible, in addition to resolving occasional technical difficulties within minutes, is something very special in today’s world. We now terrify our new recruits with tales of how we had to do things “in the old days”, because Enforzio, like the internet or smartphones, has become something we can’t imagine being without. With new improvements coming all the time, I’m very excited to see where the team at Parkizio takes us next!"

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Our Clients

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Most Intelligent

Enforcement Application

on the Market


Most Comprehensive Reports

  • Checks multiple locations simultaneously for payment

  • Automatically retries a plate to compensate for pay station lags

  • Shows rate types

  • Displays expiry time

Collect Data On The Go

  • Use the app for accurate data collection

  • Capture any type of data on the go

  • Data will be aggregated and displayed on the dashboard

  • Fully Customizable

Intelligent Loc Selection

  • GPS and Machine Learning enabled location selection

  • Avoid having to go through a list to look for a location name

  • Save time training employees

Surprisingly Fast LPR

  • Use the power of LPR on any handheld device

  • Speed up the plate insertion process

Customer Service

like you care

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One Search Engine for All Your Payment Providers

  • Your customer service team only has to search in Enforzio to verify a payment

  • Enforzio Backend searches all payment providers in real-time.

Reward Loyal Clients

  • Track when your customers have previously paid for parking. NOT ONLY their violation history.

  • Give credit to your most loyal drivers.

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Use Automated Chat Bots

  • Empower your customer service team by eliminating mundane requests with automation

  • Your customized Chat Bot can work 24/7/365

Virtual Management


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Access your data anytime anywhere using your voice!

Q1: How many violations happened between 6pm and 12pm on Fridays in the last 30 days?

Time it will take

your employee

to respond

More than a day

Time it will take

your virtual assistant

to respond

Less than 5 seconds

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